part 2 of the beach episode

now including wardens

i forgot to include the scars in the last one but tbh idc i’m so tired

edit: oh god i forgot oghren……

let’s just say he was too drunk for the final photo

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Recently, a set of pictures from the upcoming Dragon Age Keep app were released, and amongst all else, these two screenshots brought me the most attention.

It looks like I have to choose from a preset of various Couslands, Aeducans, Amells, Suranas, Tabrises, Mahariels, and Broscas, instead of being able to simply use a character creator to make my Warden.

Also to note is a question about Hawke’s appearance being either default or customized, which I assume is going to lead to another choice of presets.

Guess me, myself, and I aren’t going to stop the Elder One. It’s going to be the Warden, Hawke, and me.

They said a while back there wouldn’t be any cc in the Keep but they also confirmed that if a previous player character appears that we’ll definitely get to customize them :)

You see the circle thing in the upper right corner of the character card for the Warden? Could that be a customization button?

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